Arbitrage – Forex Trading

This is an investment that is basically denominated in USD or other foreign exchange trading.

We offer arbitrage services where we source for a willing buyer or seller, strictly through competent Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nigerian selected commercial Banks who are adequately insured with Deposit Insurance Commission (NDIC) of cash inflows usually USD and ensure proper modalities is put in place to avoid unforeseen disagreement or breach in between the buyer or the seller.

A reasonable and agreed profit margin is usually factored in the trade before the contractual agreement is made. Minimum transaction is $100,000.00 or less depending on clients’ requirements and mandates.


Using our insight into the market we are able to give you advice regarding market movements. Daily share price reports as well as breaking news will be advised through our online platform. You may also make use of our abundant online resources and links and will also encourage independent research for our clients.

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